Movement Signs Multi-Year Deal with LinkedIn for Recruitment Network System

MVMT News: Movement Awarded National Registered Trademark. Significant investments made in IT infrastructure. Movement signs multi-year deal with LinkedIn for recruitment network system.

Movement Search & Delivery, a professional headhunting firm with global reach, has announced several new milestones and initiatives in 2013 as it continues to expand as the preeminent search firm dedicated to the business of Headhunting.

The company was recently awarded a registered trademark from the United States Trademark and Patent Office. “Since our inception three years ago, we decided that our brand and unique messaging was going to be a big part of our company strategy,” says Doug Scott, General Manager and Founder. “Frankly, our competitors are a little boring; no one really differentiates themselves in the industry. I saw this as an opportunity to take advantage of.” When deciding on a name and a branding strategy, Scott and his team wanted to take common words, as it relates to their business, and make them their own. He also wanted all messaging to be bold with an elegant simplicity that everyone could understand.

“While brainstorming, the word ‘Movement’ came out and we knew it was a home run with everything we wanted to accomplish in our brand. We added Search & Delivery to our tagline and we believe it is the perfect description to what we do, because our ultimate value proposition to our clients is to actually deliver the top possible candidates to their doorstep,” says Scott. “Now that the firm has grown to become a significant force in the industry, we felt it was important to protect ourselves from competitors potentially copying what we have done with our brand. The word ‘Movement’ is now synonymous to the headhunting industry and the National Registration of the brand assures us ownership of that.”

In other news, Movement has recently made significant investments in their IT infrastructure and candidate sourcing platform. These investments provide Movement’s headhunters with the most advanced sourcing tools in the recruitment industry; along with an IT platform that will be designed in- house and exclusively for Movement.

“A few months ago, we signed a multi-year deal with LinkedIn that provides our entire staff access to LinkedIn’s database of over 200 million passive candidates. As you know most users are restricted when viewing a person’s profile unless you are directly connected to them. Our agreement eliminates that blockage as we are able to send out messages and communications to all en masse,” says Doug Scott, “This was a very significant financial investment for the firm, but we are expecting a solid ROI and our staff deserves to have the best tools available to do their jobs well.”

Additionally, Movement is in the process of developing an in-house e-communication, data management and storage platform to support their growing infrastructure. The firm is teaming up with their IT Solutions partner, Computer Specialist Inc., on the project and they expect the new platform to be integrated by the end of May 2013. ”

Our old cloud-based platform served us well during our start-up phase,” says Doug Scott. “You hear a lot of noise about how the cloud is the future of computing. But for Movement, it makes sense to bring everything in-house. Our data inside the new platform will be tightly secured and exclusive only to our associates. Reliability will be much better too; we expect 100% functionality 24/7, 365 days a year.”

Movement’s new world-class IT system will also allow their associates complete connectivity to their information on any desktop in the firm, as well as virtually. This enhancement will give Movement’s Headhunters greater flexibility in their work environment, whether they are in or out of the office. “The firm has grown to over 30 associates and we are sprawled out on two different floors at our Headquarters. With the new system, our recruiters can go anywhere there is a computer, log in, and everything will be in front of them. Emails, personal folders, databases, favorite lists, pictures of their dog on their desktop… everything,” adds Scott. “It is important that our culture supports an open environment where we are constantly moving around and communicating with different people within the firm. It keeps you fresh and flexible. Gone are the days where you go to your same old desk in same corner of the office day after day.”

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