• Our Method

    We collaborate with our clients on every new assignment to uncover all of the nuances. Every search incorporates the Movement® Search Methodology. This process of fact-finding, assessment, and delivery expectations assures a predictable, and successful outcome for all parties participating in the search process — Clients, candidates, and Movement®.

    • Trust

      We think trust is crucial to building a successful business relationship. Movement® will spend ample time to get to know you so we can promote your company effectively.

    • Understand

      Because each search is unique, we’ll ask you detailed questions about the skills and characteristics your candidate should possess. Understanding is paramount to every successful search assignment.

    • Plan

      We’ll agree to search parameters and delivery terms. Most of our projects are on a retained search basis.

    • Move

      Movement® rolls up its sleeves and fires up the recruitment machine to find your next superstar. Our tools and techniques are world-class and superlative.

    • Assess

      You interview our short list of candidates to make sure we didn’t miss anything. You will be impressed how well we hit the mark.

    • Negotiate

      Movement® helps you put the deal together with the candidate you have selected. We know the Devil is in the details.

    • Coach

      Movement® works very closely with your candidate during the critical period between resignation and start date.

    • Deliver

      Your superstar is on board, ready to shine, and Movement® is ready to recalibrate for your next search.