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  • At MOVEMENT®, we know that Contract and Contract to Direct positions play a crucial role in the success of most American businesses and are vitally important to our overall economy. 

    We realize there are a myriad of reasons why contract roles are the right choice for your company. Whether you need the flexibility to shrink and grow your team quickly and cost-effectively, want to access highly specialized personnel for a specified time, or need to fill in your talent gaps resulting from seasonal changes, a sudden boost in business or unexpected logistics pain points, contract hiring can be a very successful staffing strategy.

    Comprehensive Staffing Solutions

    Whether you are looking to fill short or long-term assignments, on a contract or contract to hire basis, we offer access to a preferred pool of highly skilled professionals across a range of industries and specializations.

    We thrive on turning your business challenges into strategic growth opportunities by quickly identifying and attracting top-performing and highly experienced candidates that meet your business demands and fit your team.

    We recruit and hire top talent quickly and smoothly, while handling details like payroll, benefits, PTO, and more, so that you can allocate your precious time to growing your business.

    Contract Recruiting Specialists

    We are uniquely positioned to make expert matches with mid to senior-level professionals equipped with the precise skills to fit your role requirements and company culture, in a remote or on-site capacity, and contract or temp-to-hire basis.

    The bottom line is that we devote the same energy, commitment and enthusiasm, and utilize the same expert tactics, tools and technology when filling our contract roles as we do in our permanent executive search recruitment process. Our contract recruiters provide the personalized service we are known for and tap into our immense professional network of thoroughly vetted and highly qualified candidates.

    MOVEMENT® specializes in contract staffing solutions. We are relentlessly focused on filling your contract roles with the most skilled, results-driven and agile talent to support your business needs during the extremely critical phases of pivoting, transitioning, consolidating, growing or scaling.

    Boasting a wide range of sought-after skills, education, certifications, specialties, and real-world experience, our exceptionally competent and accomplished contract candidates are professional and proficient with sound business acumen and capable of enthusiastically leading and successfully delivering in complex roles.

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    As we work in collaboration with you, our clients, we aim to exceed expectations, promise to act with integrity, and vow to work with grit at every stage of the placement process. Our ultimate goal is to nurture long-term relationships rooted in a trusted partnership that continually creates value, delivers success and achieves goals for your business.

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