Movement Finalizes Improvements To Washington Street Entrance

Movement Finalizes Improvements To Washington Street Entrance. Phase III Expansion and Renovation Underway

Movement Search & Delivery, a professional headhunting firm with global reach, becomes the anchor tenant in the Clarkston Mills building with the installation of their corporate logo, and the completion of an outdoor common area on Washington Street in Downtown Clarkston. The recruitment company is expanding their operations again and additional renovations to the building have begun.

“Once we decided this is where we want to be for the long haul, we wanted to make some enhancements to the building along Washington Street in the village” said Doug Scott, General Manager. The firm installed their corporate logo along the entire façade of the building and it is illuminated with soft LED landscape lighting in the evening. The contemporary sign against the historic Clarkston Mills building offers a unique contrast. “We love being part of the historic community here in Clarkston, and our employees appreciate the surroundings.” Adds Scott, “We feel like we have livened things up a bit around here. We bring a relatively young workforce into the area and our culture is pretty contemporary and high-tech. I think Movement and the Village of Clarkson are a perfect fit.”

In the Spring of 2014, Movement plans on adding tables and additional seating in the common area that has been recently renovated for the entire community. “We love it when pedestrians walk along Washington Street and stroll into our plaza outside of our office and sit in one of our Adirondack chairs to enjoy the beautiful view of the Mill Pond in front of the building.” Mr. Scott adds, “Washington Street was so dark in the evening before we installed the lighting system out front. I think the street is much more inviting now for the folks who use the village. We want people to come to Clarkston to see there is much more to it than just Main Street.”

Additionally, Movement has begun renovation and expansion plans inside the Clarkston Mills building. The recruitment firm will take over more space that will allow them to expand and house in excess of 50 employees. Movement is also completely reconstructing an undeveloped portion of the lower level in the building to create a state-of-the-art comfort area for their employees, clients, and guests. “We will have a full contemporary kitchen, very cool neon accent lighting, card tables, and arcade games for everyone to enjoy. We are also putting in showers and a locker room” said Scott. Along with the new employee comfort area, Movement will also be renovating and refreshing the entire 4200 square feet of space they currently occupy on the lower level of the building. The design will incorporate bold, bright colors that will provide a modern feel inside the historic building that dates back to the 1800’s. “We are going to give this place a whole new look on the inside. Color is definitely the theme. You may need to wear sunglasses inside after it is all done. I am excited to see how it turns out.”

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