Movement Search & Delivery is Expanding Headquarters, Breaking Records & Heading to Mexico!

Movement Search & Delivery, a professional headhunting firm with a global reach, is expanding their headquarters once again. “Construction on Expansion v3.0 is underway. We have acquired additional space in the Clarkston Mills building and we are combining new age technology while keeping the historic charm of the building,” says Doug Scott, General Manager of Movement. It was only one year ago that Movement completed their second and largest expansion to date; adding the Headhunter Comfort Center to their Downtown Clarkston, MI headquarters. This year’s expansion surely won’t disappoint and will be unveiled late-July during their annual Friends and Family of Movement bash.

Even as walls are being torn down and you hear the banging of hammers, Movement’s recruiters are banging it out on the phones. Christopher Cross, Director of National Recruitment, explains, “When the qualification deadline for a five-star Movement funded trip to Cancun is fast approaching there isn’t anything that will slow this team down!” Movement is just days away from announcing the winners of their 2015 Incentive Contest which ran from 1/1/15 to 6/30/15. These hard working recruiters will be headed, along with their special guests, to Cancun, Mexico in September. “Without a doubt this will be one of the most fabulous, high-end incentive trips we’ve ever had,” boasts Scott. “Each and every one of our winners deserve it, they have all worked really hard so far this year.”

Why do they deserve a trip to Cancun you ask? The reason being per Jeff Davis, Director of the Automotive Search Practice, “We’re breaking records baby!” Movement is on pace to becoming a $10 million firm in 2015, bypassing 2014’s $8.4 million dollar record breaking year. “What we achieve here at Movement is a true testament to our team and our culture,” says David Bradley, Movement’s Managing Director. He continues, “Our passion for this business is poured into every client and candidate we speak with. Day in and day out, it’s what we do.”

That passion, talent, and drive is evident in the long list of impressive placements made by the firm since its inception over five years ago. Movement’s mix of high touch candidate recruitment, along with an industry-leading, predictable process, and cutting edge technology resources separates the firm from their competition. In addition, Movement has their Candidate Recruitment Center (CRC) running full steam and adding additional horsepower to their 24/7, 365 recruitment engine. Based out of Charleston, South Carolina the CRC is attracting, and successfully placing, superstar candidates for our client’s toughest needs. The CRC’s Managing Director Greg Giltner states, “Yes we have recruiting tools and top notch technology; but that is not the reason we are so darn good at what we do. It is simply this; Headhunting is Movement.” That simple motto is more than apparent, as well as the fact that Movement will find any reason to have a fiesta soon in Cancun, Mexico! ¡Olé!

For more information, visit www.movementsearch.com