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Movement Search & Delivery

Movement Search & Delivery, a professional headhunting firm with a global reach, is changing the game for candidates and clients alike with the introduction of their PeopleMover Talent Pipeline Solution to help their clients recruit, identify and deliver high-volume production, skilled, and administrative talent from the labor force.

PeopleMover’s web portal is custom designed to reflect each client’s unique job descriptions along with their company brand and logo. With Search Engine Optimization (SEO) functionality and candidate questionnaires built in, it is designed to target relevant and qualified candidates on a professional and intuitive web-based platform. The volume and quality of the candidates that PeopleMover generates is significantly greater than traditional recruitment methods. Greg Giltner, Movement’s Recruitment Center Manager states, “PeopleMover spiders your job postings to over 100 job boards and social media sites repeatedly. We make sure each job posting on the web is prominent with clear messaging and a simple application process for the candidates.”

How do you know if PeopleMover is right for your hiring needs? “It is the best web tool in the market that I have seen for high-volume candidate recruitment,” exclaims Doug Scott, General Manager of Movement, “any company that buys bulk job board postings or needs a pipeline of candidates on the bench ready for hire then PeopleMover is for you.” Movement has taken the art and science of recruiting to a whole new level; PeopleMover’s proprietary technology provides qualitative and performance-based metrics. The recruitment process from the initial job posting to the final hire is seamless and transparent so the client knows exactly what the results are of every search, every time. To learn more on the PeopleMover
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