MVMT Takes Root In Charleston, SC.

Movement Takes Root in Charleston, SC

Movement Search & Delivery, a professional headhunting firm with a global reach, recently signed a long-term lease agreement as an anchor tenant in the Pacific Box and Crate development in Charleston’s NOMO district. The Michigan-based search firm originally opened in Charleston in early 2015 and had operated in several locations around town before finally setting its roots down in a unique space above The Workshop section of the large complex. The firm has an aggressive expansion plan to better serve their existing clients and to develop new business. MOVEMENT placed over 450 professionals in 26 states, Canada and Mexico in 2017.

“When we found out this space became available, we jumped all over it.” Explains Greg Giltner, Managing Director of MVMT’s Charleston office. “We are perched above The Workshop Beer Garden in this translucent cube with 30 foot high ceilings and a beautiful outdoor balcony that provides an expansive view of the entire complex. There is simply nothing that compares to this in town.”

The recruitment firm has furnished their offices with a contemporary designed, living room style conference room, customized and electronically controlled window treatments, as well as a full-service kitchen and shower facilities. Additionally, MOVEMENT commissioned the Austin, TX. based company, XDesk, to build, for every associate, an automated and motorized standup desk system that is handcrafted from rich hardwoods and raw steel. “When the semi pulled up and unloaded these units that weigh over 600 lbs. each along with the other credenzas and cabinets; I knew it was going to be a very long and arduous moving day,” adds Mr. Giltner. “Thankfully we had plenty of beer and BBQ to keep the crew motivated!”

The Charleston operation originally opened as MOVEMENT’s Candidate Recruitment Center (CRC) to exclusively provide fulfillment support via the web and job postings for their customers. As the team grew and gained experience they evolved into full-desk Headhunters with an emphasis on new business development. As a result, some of the search firm’s largest and most prestigious clients are managed and lead by the full-service recruitment team based in Charleston. Giltner explains being a part of the rewarding process of watching the evolution of his team over the past three years. “When we started down here we were completely dependent on filling the assignments that the Michigan HQ passed down to us. Now the Charleston team is bringing in much of the business and the recruiters in Michigan are working to support us. I am extremely proud of the Charleston operation and what we have accomplished. We are now a key contributor to the firm’s overall performance,” says Giltner. “This is the best part. You ain’t seen nothing yet!”

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